Instituto Obras Sociais Irmã Dulce expressed its gratitude for the support of the American pop singer and shared the mobilization of the artist’s fans on its social media platforms. Previously, Pitty had mentioned that Beyoncé was “playing Sister Dulce at Christmas”, in a post that generated controversy.

In his new statement, Pitty clarifies: “Sometimes we write things and end up getting confused, being interpreted in ways completely different from the original intention. We are minds in constant motion, and many ideas have crossed my mind in the last few days. This avalanche of thoughts expressed at inappropriate times it generated various interpretations by a large number of people that I would never want to offend, much less diminish.”

“I think Beyoncé’s visit to SSA, which is also my home, is incredible. I’m sorry if it sounded different from what I intended. Let’s move forward, with faith”, he concludes.

Comment on the profile of Instituto Irmã Dulce
A comment made by the official profile of “Obras Sociais Irmã Dulce”, founded by Sister Dulce in 1935, more than 20 years after her death, in a publication by a Brazilian fan club of Beyoncé, generated a stir on social media Wednesday night, making the term “Dulce” a popular topic on former Twitter.

In the text that caused all the controversy, Pitty mentioned that “Beyoncé decided to be Sister Dulce for Christmas”. Because of this, the beyhives (name given to fans of the American pop singer) organized themselves to help the institution located in Salvador. In response, the institute’s official profile commented and shared the action.

“Santa Dulce dos Pobres extended her hand to those most in need. Our Good Angel said: ‘When each one does a little, the little of many adds up’. Thank you very much for embracing our mission: Love and Serve. @beyonce”.